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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> it sounds like it's a bad show but it's not. >> glenn: it's a important show. don't miss it. >> bret: president and republican face off over debt crisis. congressman weiner incysts he didn't send a controversial twitter picture but refuses to say if it's of him. libyan violence spreads to the defactor capital of benghazi. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama hosted house republicans today for a conversation about the debt crisis. white house correspondent mike emanuel tells us what was said and whether it made any difference. >> for the first time, the house republican conference was invited to the white house to meet with president obama. for 57 minutes, both sides hashed out issues in the east room with republicans pressing for trillions in spending cuts in exchange for an increase in
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the debt limit. speaker boehner told president about this statement signed by more than 150 economists that says the help the economy grow and create jobs, raising the debt limit needs to be met with larger cuts. >> i told the president one more time, this is the moment. this is the window of opportunity where we can deal with this. on our terms. we can work together and solve the problem. >> white house spokesman carney says there was no hiding of differences, it was productive but not specific. >> this is not the forum with that many people in the room to put out proposals and spreadsheets and start negotiating details. that is happening in the negotiations led by the vice president. >> the only image released was taken by congressman eisner from his cell phone. the meeting came 15 hours after all republicans and half the democrats defeated a bill to raise the debt ceiling without any spending cuts. >> the bill is not passed. >> source say in today's meeting the speaker pushed the
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president on where his debt crisis proposal is. and in the end, lawmakers sounded disappointed. >> unfortunately, what we did not hear from the president is a specific plan of his to deal with the debt crisis. that could actually be scored by the congressional budget office. >> congressman paul ryan offered a plan when he laid out his budget proposal in april. ryan's idea for reforming medicare has been ridiculed by democrats and their supporters, including with this video showing a ryan look-alike pushing grandma off a cliff. today, ryan said he appeared the president he is not trying to change medicare to a voucher program. >> i simply explain what the plan is. how it works. it's been misdescribed by the president and many others so we simply describe to him precisely what it is we've been proposing so he hears from us how the proposal works. so in the future, he won't mischaracterize it. >> for a plan from president obama, officials here say
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negotiations led by vice president biden with lawmakers are now getting in to specifics. so their argument is another proposal is not needed and might actually slow down the process. bret? >> bret: mike emanuel, live on the north lawn. thank you. >> labor department says unemployment fell in 90% of the largest city in april. the drop is attributing to hiring for summer jobs. construction spending was up .4 of a percentage point in april. barely lifting it above the lowest level in a decade. manufacturerring activity expanded in may at the slowest pace in 20 months. that kind of news sent stocks plunging. each index off more than 2%. the dow fell 280 points today. the s&p 500 dropped 31. the nasdaq lost 66. oil prices dropped 2.5% today. crude lost about 2-point $2.5 a barrel to close. national average for gasoline is $3.78.
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the i.r.s. is said to experience a soaring rate of identity theft in tax returns. with refunds going to people using someone else eag information. government accountability office report says there were around 248,000 identity theft incidents in 2010. five times more than in 2008. after a very contentious question and answer session with reporters on capitol hill tuesday, new york democratic congressman anthony wiener is trying to do damage control. he is not saying whether a picture sent from his twitter account of a man in underwear is a picture of him. but he is insisting that the whole thing is much ado about not very much. i talked with kwongman weiner late this afternoon -- congressman weiner late this afternoon. >> is this twitter picture in question a picture of you? >> remember the twitter picture is hack or prank that someone posted on my twitter page with someone else's name
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in it. that says she never got it and i don't know her and she doesn't know me. we're trying to get to the bottom of it. we're concerned about saying anything definitively. people get manipulated and dropped in account. we asked internet security firm and law firm to take a hard look and come up with a conclusion about what happened and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> is there a picture out there of you in your drawers that you are worried or you can't definitively say it's not you? >> here, we have been sitting down for a brief moment and you're already asking if there are pictures of me in my drawers. >> you invited us. >> i'm doing an interview. >> you invited all the networks here to clear up a vague and evasive and combative meeting with reporters yesterday. >> i answered questions about that on saturday. it answered questions about this on sunday. i answered questions about this on monday. on tuesday, when we were trying to figure out whether
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to put the full faith and credit in the united states government in jeopardy by a phony debt limit vote i did, i was, i admit this i was contentious with reporters who wanted to talk about an internet prank. one thing we're trying to get to the bottom of is what happened. we asked a firm to come take a look at that. we'll look at the advice, whether authorities should be brought in. how do we make sure accounts are secure. i want to tell you, photographs can be doctored, manipulated, nut one account and another account. >> it's possible it is you? >> i will say this. i know for a fact that my account was hacked. >> hacked? i mean hacked into, the account was hacked? >> someone tweeted something saying they were me and it wasn't me. choose whatever word you like. hiked, pranks. >> do you have suspicions who did it? >> i'm not an expert at this stuff. i can tell you that we have asked professionals who do it for a living to come take a
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look at the situation. this wasn't on a government account. it wasn't particularly, it wasn't particularly dangerous thing. >> why not call the authorities? as of today, u.s. capitol police say there has been to call for investigation. >> i wasn't in the capitol. >> you're a sitting member of congress. >> that doesn't mean everything that happens a sitting member of congress becomes a federal offense. >> the prosecutor said they would take one call to the f.b.i., they would subpoena twitter and five minutes you could probably get the i.p. address that this happened. >> hold on so you think when someone posts on your page, let's say your page. >> i'm not member of congress. >> i'm a citizen. this is my personal account. i was tweeting about hockey when this happened. i don't think this is a federal case. i have don't think is the second rising of bin laden being internet twitter hoke. this is someone making mischief. this is i believe time for us to focus on -- >> you definitively didn't
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send it but you can't definitively say whether it's you or not? >> i can definitively say i did not send this and i definitively say it's a prank and joke about my name. i can say with certitude i have hired someone to come in and deconstruct it the best they can to make hour it doesn't happen again. and say like hundreds of thousands of americans who wake up one morning and find out that their account was compromised or someone sent out something under their name they didn't send. i roll up my sleeves and try to dust it off. try to figure out it doesn't happen again. >> bret: asked about the list of women he was following on twitter before saturday and reported on other media outlets direct messages he sent to some of them. representative weiner claimed most messages he sends are form responses thanking the people for following him. newest member of congress was sworn in today. democrat kathy hochul won last week's special election in the
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new york 26 district. that gives democrats 193 members. republicans 240. there are currently two vacancies. former illinois governor rod blagojevich will not be allowed to tell jurors at his corruption retrial that he thought his plans to seek a top administration job in exchange for a senate appointment were legal. the judge ruled that blagojevich's thoughts about legality are irrelevant. he is charmed with trying to sell or trade an appointment to the president vacated senate seat. he denies any wrongdoing. missouri state officials say everyone reported missing since last week's massive tornado in joplin has been accounted for. the death toll now stands at 134. more than 8,000 homes and apartments were damaged or destroyed. along with 500 commercial properties. new jersey's governor takes heat for going to a baseball game. we'll have more in the grapevine. turning up the heat, on libyan rebels.
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>> bret:-up inspector says japan's response to the nuclear threat was exemplary but said they underestimated the threat from the nuclear plant. american envoy in pakistan wants to negotiate with omar. they site pakistani expert who says they are approaching others about a peace deal in afghanistan. iran's parliament vote in the favor of taking president ahmadinejad to court. lawmakers there say the president's declaration of himself as care-taker oil minister was illegal. ahmadinejad did it after firing the incumbent.
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president and lawmakers in iran have been engaged in a power struggle ahead of the parliamentary election next year. another tush leapt and deadly day in the middle east. they say they defected to the rebel side and they decided not to force an end to the u.s. involve in the the nato libya evident. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports it happened op a day when the violence came to the unofficial rebel capital. warning here, some of the images in the report may be disturbing. >> seeds of pandemonium where western journalists are covering the war against authoritarian regime. the house republicans decided not to go through controversial vote on war powers act. and whether the president violated it by not supportin
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supporting -- [ inaudible ] the secretary of state called for the president to leave. >> cannot expect the conflict to end unless president saleh and the government move out of the way. >> in syria another 41 protesters were killed in one town and they continued to cling to power. days after the body of 14-year-old boy tortureed and killed by the regime. the person here on facebook disappeared last month. human right activist said message was sent by the regime. >> sent a message that anyone can have the --
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>> it appeared today on the television to make a cohearseed statement. >> the president treated us kindly. what can i say. he is the best president, yes. he is the best president. he promised us, thank god, to answer demand and people's demands as well. >> the boy's death elitised outrage from the state department. >> , too, was very concerned by the report about the young boy. in fact,/think that it symbolizes for many syrians is the total collapse of any effort by the syrian government. to work with and listen to their own people. >> president obama meanwhile sending the top hief t meet saudis to discuss what to do
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about the president and the unraveling truth. >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. egypt state news agency says former president hubie brown and his sons will go on trial august 3 on charges of corruption and killing protesters. not all change is good and correspondent greg palkot looks at one example of things going from bad to worse. >> egypt is seeing renewed clash of civilizations. muslims versus coptic cryptics in recent month, dozens have been killed. three orthodox churches were burned out. tension between the faith are not new but rare i been this bad. >> the situation between the cops and the muslim in egypt is grave. it wasn't supposed to be this way. many hoped it would bring a new era of tolerance in egypt.
6:18 pm
instead, tensions mostly suppressed by the strong state become violently to the surface. breakdown of law and order is beating the chaos. >> sizable for ray rab world, cop tick christian make up 10% of the 80 million people. the concern christian interest will be overwhelmed in election set for this fall. the well organize brotherhood is expected to the well. >> some note with the new freedoms christians are helping to fan blames of sectarian strife. others hope that the young and liberal spirit of egypt revolution will hold sway. still more worry that there could be more trouble ahead. >> in the next year, two years, they are going to be
6:19 pm
volatile in egypt. >> one am list noted that social attitude might be harder to topple than a dictator. christians throughout the arab world will watch hard to see how religious freedom fares in the new egypt in london, car greg palkot, fox news. will you be able to find a doctor when you need one? up next, getting paid by the taxpayer to do work for your union. ♪
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in an effort to give you the best network possible. >> bret: the state of illinois begun giving licenses to couples who want to form a civil union. hundreds of people lined up early today as the new law went into effect. the first civil union ceremonies can take place thursday. the obama administration backed off a plan to make millions of acres of
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undeveloped land in the west eligible for federal protection. this reverses an order in december that overturned a bush approach that opened some land to commercial development. congress is now considering a change in a law that allows federal employees to engage in union activity while on the taxpayer dime. correspondent molly henneberg looks at both sides of the issue. >> reporter: republicanhead called it charity to union. >> this came at a cost of $129 million to american taxpayers. the committee democrat says the union rights are under attack by the g.o.p. >> this is absurd. >> they're both talking about part of law passed by president in 1978 and sipeed by then president carter allowing federal employees who
6:24 pm
are union representative to do union business on the clock. as long as the time is negotiating with management and agreed, "to be reasonable, necessary and in the public interest." jane with the conservative heritage foundation says if a federal employee wants official time, while on the job. union dues, not taxpayer dollars should pay for it. >> officials from the taxpayer to the federal employee. they don't have to hire representative to do the work. they pay the federal workers to do union business for them. >> union leaders say official time makes the government run more efficiently. ultimately saves money. >> if workers and management are communicating, they have problems that would otherwise escalate across litigation, to be dealt with properly a informally. >> why renewed interest in official time now? an employment lawyer says in part because of the tough economic times. >> we just don't have free cash sloshing around.
6:25 pm
different world than when sta tu was enacted. >> goes kang month imposed the bill. it would limit how and when the federal employees could use official time. bret? >> molly, thank you. general motors says its sales fell 1.2% in may. 1.2 percentage points in may. g.m. blames the drop on decision to cut sales to rental car companies true or false. some federal employees make more than the governors? the answer in the grapevine. new jersey's governor goes to baseball game in style. [ manager ] you know...
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let nothing stand in your way. len more at now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. more than 77,000 federal employees earn a higher salary than that of their respective state governors. the "washington times" report it's from congressional research service report requested by tom coburn. the 2009 salary figures show more than 18,000 of the employees were doctors, the second highest total was for 5200 air traffic controllers. others included park rangers,
6:30 pm
librarians and one interior designer in maryland, 7% of all full-time employees there earned more than governor o'malley $150,000 salary. coburn says the figures should prompt congress to take a closer look at salaries but a union representing federal employees says the bigger problem is payment to contractors. democrats are crying foul over new jersey governor chris chrisie's use of state helicopter to attend his son's high school baseball game. christie and his wife landed in a nearby field before the game tuesday night. they stayed through the fifth inning. later christie had dinner with g.o.p. donors from iowa. who were courting him for a presidential run. a state democrat told the star ledger perhaps his presidential quarters can foot the bill so our taxpayers aren't on the hook for such perks. state officials say it costs $2,500 an hour to fly in the
6:31 pm
helicopter but the trip didn't cost them anything extra because it counts as training time. christie's office said the helicopter is used occasionally but judiciously. finally, as pali sarah palin's s tour rolled in the big apple she and donald trump and their family met up for dinner. they met up at pizza joint. with baby boomers entering retirement age, the new healthcare law, there are fears of a doctor shortage in america. correspondent anita vogel tells us what is going on and why. >> our patients may ask you. >> they are described as a slinking force. dwindling number of medical students choosing to go into internal medicine. recent study from the youral of the miles per hour medical association put the number at a paltry 2%. >> primary care workload is heavy. it's not just taking care of the patients. taking care of a pyramid
6:32 pm
things between -- myriad thing between refills, coordinating care with hospitals or specialists. >> long hours and low pay are the big concerns cited among students and industry professionals. consider primary care and internal medicine doctors on an average of over $150,000 a year. specialists like cardiologists and radiologists make two to three times that amount. ucla dermatology resident cokarney says he chose to pursue dermatology because that was his passion but add students look at the big picture when they choose a specialty, including the student loan which can top $300,000. >> with that kind of a debt looming on the future physicians, i think there are things that can be done. certainly increased catch sation or a loan repayment mechanism. >> doctors who work in the trenches now say unless
6:33 pm
something is done, access to your own physician will be a luxury. >> if you wake up in the middle of the night and your 6-year-old has an asthma attack and they're not responding to a treatment, off need to talk to a doctor right away. if you don't have enough primary care doctors you have to go to the emergency room. >> under the new healthcare law, more than 30,000 new patients will be fully insured in the next few years making the immediate for more primary care physicians even more acute. some dramatic proposals are being debated to ease the problem. including making medical school free. to help encourage students to enter the field of family medicine. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. the health and hoop service department says indiana's band of federal funds for planned parenthood makes its medicaid program illegal. hhs says federal law requires medicaid beneficiaries to have access to any qualified provider. indiana could face penalties if the plan is not changed. the death toll in europe's e. coli outbreak is now 17.
6:34 pm
officials say the number of people affected is a third larger than previously thought. more than 1,500 medical authorities appear no closer to discovering the source. germans agory culture minister says it's believed the bacteria was spread on tainted vegetables. the shuttle "endeavor" made its time landing today in florida. the ship touched down early this morning. ending the 25th mission. "endeavor" will be shipped to a museum in california next year. the final shuttle mission is set for july aboard atlantis. president and republicans talk at each other about the debt crisis. we'll talk with the fox all-stars about that when we come back. your own complete foe seafood feast for $15. start with soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. then enjoy a fresh salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, followed by your choice of one of seven entrees, like new shrimp & scallops alfredo,
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6:38 pm
negotiations led by the vice president. >> i simply explain what the plan is, how it works. it's misdescribed by the president and others so we describe to him precisely what it is we've been propose something he hears from us. how the proposal works so in the future he won't mischaracterize it. >> for the first time the entire house republican caucus is invioletted to the white house to meet with president obama. they did meet for more than 75 minutes, hashing out the big issues of spending cut and the increase in the debt ceiling that will happen in coming weeks. the vote will happen. what about this? advancing the ball on this negotiation. bring in panel? jonah goldberg, at-large editor of national review online. juan williams, columnist with hill. and sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. it was a spectacle to watch them walk in there and then afterwards we heard what we have been hearing.
6:39 pm
>> yeah. i think it was a sign that the recognize recognizes that the -- white house recognizes the republican have the momentum and upper hand on this. i think the clean vote was a legitimate and political tactic to give the democrats what they have been asking for, for so long. but at the end of the day, the reason you couldn't have much productive come out of this is if climate that barack obama set in the last few months. since he went on the partisan attack against paul ryan and against the budget, where he embraced mediscare, where debbie wasserman schultz going on unhinged tire raid against republics doing the mediscare stuff, that had consequences. the republican party feel like they have the upper hand and they have momentum. the white house as you saw from jay carney and others is caving in to that. they're saying we can cut stuff no worries. >> bret: you feel republicans feel like they
6:40 pm
have momentum, despite new york 26 and the polls showing that things appear to be of having an effect, even though it may be demagoguing the issue. >> constitutionally they understand on this fight of the debt ceiling vote they'll get spending cuts out of the white house. >> bret: juan? >> i think you see paul ryan back tracking. i cite the example that you cited about new york 26. i think that republicans aren't exactly on the offenseive here. i think when jonah talk about the specific instance, most americans think it's time for cuts. the government is spending more than it's taking in, if something has to be done. the question and in fact if you ask them about raising the debt ceiling, most miles per hours say don't raise the debt ceiling. rain in government spending at this moment. the republicans however are not talk about revenue. i think today was again more of what we saw last night with the vote on the debt ceiling. today really was an important for republicans to come to the white house and make it cheer to the president that they
6:41 pm
think they have a workable solution in terms of cuts that could reduce the size of government sufficiently to allow them to go forward with the debt ceiling vote. republicans know they have to raise the debt ceiling at some point. they've had their little act last night that will say to their supporters who don't want the debt ceiling raised, we voted against it before voting for it down the line. >> bret: you call at it little act. half republicans and democrats voted against raising it. some on the democratic side call it a stunt and it's clear that the spending cuts will have to happen in order to move something forward in congress. >> yes, bret. my point to you is that the spending cuts are coming. that is what is being negotiated by vice president biden, john boehner, speaker of the house tonight. he is willing to negotiate directly with president obama. there will have to be cuts but i don't think what happened
6:42 pm
yesterday introduced by republicans to have a deal with no debt ceiling with no cuts that's something that the republicans attempt to embarrass democrats. >> think the white house and the democrats what they've been asking for all this time. >> bret: charles? >> a vote, yes. but if it was a stunt the meeting today was a stunt. it isn't as if as juan implied president had to have the republicans in. he knows their proposal, as does everybody else. he and the other democrats have been demagoguing it for three weeks now. the reason he had it in so he can look bipartisan. obviously nothing happened. then what we heard from jay carney and the bite you showed is jay carney explaining in a forum like this with so many people in the room you can't possibly have specifics. why didn't the president ib vite leadership to talk about specifics? obviously, the president
6:43 pm
doesn't want to make concessions now. the negotiations, if they go anywhere and ultimately they have to are going to heat up on the eve of the date, august 2 on which geithner has said we will default. that is a phony date there is not a midline on which, you know, we turn into a pumpkin. all kind of moving about of the funds, which can happen. and will happen. after august 1. but there will be some negotiations. that the president is not prepared now to concede anything in the end, he will concede as little as he can. what is happening here is exactly what has happened for the last year and three years. when you ask miles an hours do you want to cut the deficit, as in the vote yesterday, where you got overwhelming majority yes, and as you've got in the public opinion polls 9-1 against simply raising the debt limit with nothing else, overwhelming pub lick support for cut. then you offer them a real cut in medicare and you get new
6:44 pm
york 26. the president is laying a bet opposing the specific cut he wins politically. >> bret: a lot of people talked about how it's tough to describe this battle. in specifics, because people glaze over with all the numbers and the stats. friday, as 5:00 p.m. eastern time, we are going to get in the weeds on this issue. on medicare with representative paul ryan. republican. representative chris van hollen, democrat. the administration's budget chairman, head of the budget office jack liu, all of them together for one show for the hour at 5:00 p.m. eastern time to get in the specifics here. we look forward to. hopefully will tune in. the issue is not going away. >> at the end of the day, federal issue of our time. we cannot, whenever you come down on it there is a brick
6:45 pm
wall we're running into. some choices are made no matter what. good for you. >> without a doubt this the issue of our generation. he says our time. but right now washington politics, all politics is about medicare pending and cuts. >> the president on this chartered a course of remarkable cynicism. in the way he attacked the republican plan and presented none of his own. he hasn't offered anything. the senate for example hasn't offered a budget which is required to do. by law. democrats are placing a bet on cynicism. they might win the election obthat. >> bret: next up, congressman weeper's story about -- congressman weiner's story about the picture sent out on his twitter account. do you think member of congress should use social media to communicate? vote in our online poll at result after the break. [ male announcer ] things seem 45% better
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we can't definitively say whether it's you or not? >> i can definitively say i did not subpoenaed this. it looks a lot like a prank, joke about my name. i can say with certitude i have highered someone -- hired someone who come in and deconstruct this as best they can to make sure it doesn't happen again. i don't think it's a ral case. >> representative weiner today talking about a picture sent out on his twitter account. he's saying he did not send it out but he is not saying whether the picture was him or not. before the break, we asked should members of congress communicate through social media? 26% of you saidaeff. 74% said no. in our unscientific poll. back with the pam. juan, what about this? the story generated over the
6:50 pm
weekend, held the q&a with reporters which was combative and vague. then we got a call to come in for interviews, series of interviews with a number of networks. what about this? >> well, you know, it's interesting. yesterday the way that the story was being treated was it's a nuance, silly thing. a hacking incident. what happened really overnight was the idea he would not say conclusively that's not me in tha picture. which led people to conclude, maybe unfairly but consensus it is a picture of him and this is something he was engaged in, quite tawdry behavior for someone who is a member of congress and high-ranking. often out there making defense of the left wing democratic policies in the media. >> bret: often media savvy. >> very smart guy. comes from a district, by the way, strongly republican. you know, it's in new york city. but this is an area where if he goes away i'm not sure
6:51 pm
democrats hold. >> bret: i also asked him why he didn't call the authorities at any point. take a listen to the exchange. >> why not call authorities? as of today, the u.s. capital police says there has been no call for the investigation. >> i wasn't in the capitol. >> you're a sitting member of congress. >> it doesn't mean everything that happens to sitting member of congress is a federal offense. >> you're at weiner. >> i'm not -- this is my personal account. i was tweeting about hockey at the time when this happened. >> bret: now we talked to a former d.o.j. computer prosecutor, charles. he said that if you tall the f.b.i. you could have this done in five minutes, track address. here is what the u.s. former attorney from district of columbia said today. he said if weiner in fact filed a complaint climbing he had been hacked, when in fact he had not been, that would be making a false statement to either local police
6:52 pm
authorities or federal officials. that would be a crime. >> well, that is what is so strange about the story. i'm not an expert on internet stuff. i have no idea how it works. whether or not you can show definitively one way or another what happened. but, i mean all of us can judge from our experience with human behavior. if his story is true, he were hacked, obviously someone is setting you up, embarrassing you and trying to destroy you, the natural reaction would be anger at that person, demand to know what happened, who it is. and to do everything bringing in authorities to find out exonerate. that's the natural reaction. the fact it isn't his reaction makes people wonder about what actually happened. it's circumstance and in a way psychological evidence but the impression that everyone gets. unfortunately, the impress here is quite awful for representative weiner. >> i'll go out on a limb.
6:53 pm
he is guilty of something. there is nothing to explain how he has reacted to this if he wasn't guilty of something. he makes no sense. he says someone is going after him, hacking him for political motives to distract him from what he is doing and he doesn't want an investigation. one person cited as a possible hacker has invited an investigation. he called for an investigation to clear his name because he's getting death threats and the rest. dan wolf. it's difficult for me to talk about this without getting in trouble with the fcc because there is a minefield of puns out there this is one of the most spectacular unforced errors in american politics because there is no way what he is saying tracks with any plausible explanation of innocent behavior. when he says he was watching hockey at the time and you kind of called him on this, that is his political account. he has all sorts of political stuff on that. he spent the day going after
6:54 pm
clarence thomas as surrogate to the political party. the idea he just talk about hockey is simply not true. >> bret: i also asked about and many other reports following a list of women, juan, and exchanging direct messages with some of them including a porn star allegedly, he said his response direct messages were pat responses, thank you for following me, et cetera, et cetera. it seems like this is a problem that would have gone away easily if he addressed it first day with reporters. answered questions. >> yeah, if he answered the questions frankly and honestly. the he was able to. but apparently he is embarrassed and that's why he is playing game with words and donneling your questions. i don't know if he has done anything illegal. if he asked and suggested it, maybe there is illegal but nothing is illegal. he's not messing around with interns. he's not messing around with somebody who is working for
6:55 pm
him. i don't think it's about sexual harassment. but it's just about someone engaged in tawdry behavior that could have strongly negative political consequences for him. >> bret: he does want to run for mayor allegedly in new york at some point. >> right. remember, he is already moving up in terms of leadership on the democratic side of the house. >> rarely have i cared so much about a story that matters so little. i agree with you in that regard. at the same time, the democratic party for years has gone hammer and tong against republicans the second there has been any kind of these kind of personal scandals using the republican sort of higher moral standard as a codil to beat them up about it. you have anthony weeper who is that kind of democrat -- anthony weiner who has been that kind of democrat, that guy all around, saying it can't confirm if it's him in the underwear. i have to sympathize. if you have that many pictures of you in your underwear maybe it's hard to figure out if it's yous. >> bret: i used drawers.
6:56 pm
>> excellent choice of word. had a british sophistication about it. i have thought you got off the hook and you didn't use any puns either. >> bret: right. that's it for the panel. thankfully. but stay tuned for a surprise ending to a dumb experiment.
6:57 pm
we're going to head on into the interview. evan, sandy . . . evan .. what pushed you toward the explorer? it was less expensive. better technology inside.
6:58 pm
there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. how does your music gear fit in there? it fits perfectly. i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetras. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. do you want to borrow my keys. what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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>> bret: finally tonight, sometimes at the end of the show this, the kicker segment, we show you local it v reporters filibuster or funny live shots or uncontrollable laughter by actors. we don't see the folks getting caught in the high jinx until this kicker. ♪ ♪ >> see, that guy mentos deals and bottle of coke. shake it up. >> missed the top. >> yeah. an action packed


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